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Technicolor signs with Smartjog for electronic delivery of content in Europe

August 29, 2012

David Hancock David Hancock Director – Research and Analysis, Cinema & Home Entertainment

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Technicolor has agreed an electronic distribution partnership deal with digital delivery specialists Smartjog. Deal is for all types of content aimed at cinemas, which Technicolor processes for its clients. This deal now enables Technicolor to offer an end to end service to clients, from mastering to screen with an integrated delivery methodology.

Along with Deluxe, Technicolor has chosen not to build its own delivery network in Europe, even though company is involved in electronic delivery in USA. The fragmentation of the cinema landscape within Europe (and it is a similar situation in Asia) complicates electronic delivery for film service providers. The principal digital delivery services for cinema sector in Europe are Smartjog, Arqiva, Eutelsat and Globecast, the latter being a terrestrial-based IP network and the others principally satellite-based.

Smartjog, a TDF subsidiary operating since 2002, recently doubled its capacity for satellite distribution in Europe, having signed up to a second transponder on Intelsat 905 which gives an aggregated throughput of 140Mbps. A cinema needs to be upgraded to a DVB-S2 tuner card, but once that is done, Smartjog say that four to six feature film DCPs a day can be delivered at an average speed of 60 gigabits an hour. Company is highly present in France, with just over 967 cinemas connected to its network, and a lesser number of cinemas connected in eight other countries.

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