A number of organisations across Europe, including broadcasters, online video service providers and consumer electronics manufacturers are seeking ways in which to enhance video viewing experiences for consumers, at the same time opening up new revenue opportunities. However, the changing nature of the media environment, in terms of the number of services and devices available to customers requires the development of technical standards, such as HbbTV, which can simplify the process of content delivery for content owners and CE manufacturers and the process of content consumption for customers.

Tables and charts included:

  • HbbTV support from major broadcasters and broadcast consortia in Europe;HbbTV launched and announced services;Main CE manufacturers supporting HbbTV;Costs and risks of HbbTV and other connected devices apps;HbbTV sets installed (WE), 000s;Hbb STBs installed (WE), 000s;HbbTV sets shipped, 000s;Hbb STBs shipped, 000s

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Tables and charts: 8

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