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NEW DATA Movie-only, TV-only data and forecasts now available through Home Entertainment KPI service

February 10, 2012

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  • Exclusive country-by-country movie-only and TV-only data and forecasts available for the first time
  • Pay TV VOD transactions for movies and TV also now available through the KPI service
  • Comparable data sets, using completely uniform metrics, now available across all movie and TV content distribution channels

The Home Entertainment Key Performance Indicators (HE KPI) service has been updated and expanded to offer increased granularity in the area of content genres and new data unique to the service.

Three new levels of granularity have been added to the extensive content data pulled from IHS Screen Digest's core Video, TV, and Broadband Media Intelligence services. These new levels are:

  • Movie-only content
  • TV-only content
  • Movie and TV content combined

Subscribers to the HE KPIs can now quickly and easily compare data on the consumption of movies and/or TV content by country or region across the 12 relevant distribution channels included in physical media, digital media over the open Internet and TV-based (walled garden) VOD services.

As with the existing levels of data available through the Home Entertainment KPIs, the new data sets are delivered using consistent metrics (transactions, consumer spending and consumer revenue) and are available in local currency, Euros and US Dollars, using both variable and fixed exchange rates where appropriate. The result is directly comparable data for 37 countries, two regional groupings, five key world regions and both Worldwide and International totals, providing both a segmented and big-picture view of the movie and TV home entertainment market.

In addition to reported and modelled historic data, and in direct response to client feedback, IHS Screen Digest has also developed forecasts for both movie-only and TV-only data sets across all platforms covered by the Home Entertainment KPI service. In many cases this is the first time these genre forecasts have been published.

Physical Media - exclusive to this service

The forecasts for movie-only and TV-only physical media sales and rentals are based on historical genre split trends where available and incorporate forecasts from our Cinema Intelligence service as an input to reflect the likely strength of the video release slate for the following year. Whilst historical genre split figures are reported for some countries and some years elsewhere in Video Intelligence, this level of comprehensive historic and geographic detail has not previously been made available anywhere.  Physical media forecasts by genre are not available through the Video Intelligence service.

Pay TV VOD - exclusive to this service

Pay TV VOD transaction data is created as part of the modelling and forecasting methodology that underpins data in the TV Intelligence service. However, until now these numbers have not been published by IHS Screen Digest, making them also unique to the Home Entertainment KPI service.

Digital Delivery

The data and forecasts for movie-only and TV-only content delivered over the open internet included in the Home Entertainment KPI service represent an aggregation of data available through IHS Screen Digest's Broadband Media Intelligence service.  However, in the HE KPIs they are presented at an aggregated level using the same three consistent metrics (transactions, consumer spending, consumer revenue), resulting in data sets for digital content that are directly comparable with all other data offered through this service and which cannot be extracted in this form from the Broadband Media service. 

The addition of this unique by-genre data to the HE KPIs means that subscribers to the service now have access to uniformly comparable historic data and forecasts for both volume and value, across all delivery channels for the following market segments:

  • Movies only
  • TV content only
  • Movies & TV content only
  • All genres excluding live events, sport and adult content
  • All genres excluding live events and sport
  • All genres



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