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Digital Screen Numbers and Forecasts to 2015 are Finalised

January 26, 2011

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IHS Screen Digest has finalised its d-cinema screen numbers for total global d-screens and 3D screens, although some numbers do remain provisional for the time being, and upgraded its forecasts for d-screen growth until 2015. The total number of d-screens worldwide came in at 36,242, up from 16,339 at end 2009 or a growth rate of 121.8 per cent during the year. There were 10,083 d-screens in Europe as a whole (28.2 per cent of global figure), 16,522 in North America (46.2 per cent of global figure) and 7,703 in Asia (21.6 per cent of global figure). As regards digital 3D screens, there were a total of 21,936 3D screens, which equals 60.5 per cent of all d-screens. This is a rise from the 55 per cent in 2009 but is expected to drop slightly in 2011 to 57.5 per cent. The growth in 3D screens outstrips the total growth, standing at 144.3 per cent over the year. Europe makes up 34.3 per cent of all digital 3D screens, while N America accounts for 38.6 per cent and Asia 21.2 per cent. Total d-screens are forecast to exceed 100,000 d-screens by 2015, of which 41.7 per cent will be 3D equipped. By that time, we also forecast that total convertible screens (ie modern screens) will stand at 127,000 by 2015, up from an estimated 113,700 at end 2010.

The year end 2010 figure was significantly higher than our original forecast (prepared in January 2010) and somewhat higher than a revised figure of 33,000, due largely to very high growth in d-screen installations in USA and China (both 3D and 2D) in the fourth quarter 2010, some of which had been factored into our 2011 numbers. The USA ended the year at 15744 d-screens and China far exceeded our forecasts with a year end total of 4,204 d-screens.

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